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well-documented facebook slump and what the future is in the coming months. today zuckerberg provided some answers. our business and tech reporter scott budman was at the conference in san francisco when zuckerberg spoke. it's been four months since he made any public comments. >> reporter: it has been a long time, raj. got the feeling he wanted to address issues like ipo and instagram and morale, today the first time of the public company mark zuckerberg spoke out. >> for the first time since taking his company public, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg spoke out in public, and topic one was facebook's stock price. >> the performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing, right, and we care about our shareholders and the commitment that we made is that we're going to execute this mission of making the world more open and connected, and we're going to do the things that we think will build value over the long term. >> in a wide-ranging talk with michael arrington of tech crunch, zuckerberg spoke about how facebook will survive its
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current bumps as it has in the past. >> facebook has not been an under controversial company in the past, right? so it's not like this is the first up and down we've ever, and i think that people at facebook are fairly used to it at this point the press and saying good things about us and saying bad things about us. >> reporter: and what about this billion dollar deal to buy instagram, zuckerberg addressed that, too. >> our mission around instagram is we think instagram is amazing and we want it to grow to hundred of millions of users. we want to help them out with whatever we can. >> reporter: he admits it's been a shaky few months for his company but zuckerberg says facebook is still a good place to work as well as a good website to visit. >> what i think resonates with a lot of people is, you know, i'm building something that i'm going to show to my friends and family and that i'll be proud to do that. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg also addressed rumors of a
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facebook phone and said there will be no such thing. his company, he says, is bringing to people on to devices made by other companies. by the way, as zuckerberg spoke this averages shares of facebook stock moved higher by 3.5% in after-hours trading. now to tomorrow and apple no. secret apple fans are gearing up for the latest product from the cupertino company. expectations very high for a new iphone, not just new software but a new design is expected as well. we'll comfort latest apple event for you starting tomorrow morning. the whole thing itself starts at 10:00 in san francisco. jessica? >> thank you, scott. >> new at 6:00 tonight, an east bay woman is the first bay area west nile victim this year. koss tra county health victims say she's recovering from a mild form of the illness. infected with a mosquito last month and health officials are not revealing what city she lives n.west nile fever though can be deadly. mosquito control officials urge everyone to take precautions by
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trying to avoid outdoor activity during dusk and dawn and by wearing mosquito repellants. >> we have a lot of west nile virus activity right now in contra costa county in the bay area, and that's birds that have tested positive, chickens, mosquitos, and now we have our first human case in contra costa county. >> investigator control identified 38 west nile infected birds in koss tra costa county. 38 years of silence and he's stepping forward now and it's putting one of the bay area high schools in a precarious position, accusations of sexual abuse at bellarmine prep, an all boys catholic school in san jose. the finger being pointed at a jesuit brother. why the victim is speaking out now. >> reporter: in 20109 sacred heart jesuit center in los gatos was the scene of a beating, will lynch of san jose attacked priest jarred lidner who lynch said molested him and his brother in the 1970s.
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nowner jesuit brother william farrington is accused of abusing a bellarmine preparatory student in the 1960s and that acquisition wasn't the first. in a left sent to bellarmine faculty and staff of jesuits which oversees bellarmine, quote, jesuit brother william farrington was removed from ministry with minors after allegations surfaced from another student. he now exercises no public ministry and lives under close supervision at the jesuit infirmary and his restrictions are reviewed annually. though the statute of limitations has run out, mike grabel was given permission to share his story to encourage other possible victims to come forward. grabel is quoted in the statement from the jesuit society as saying at each step i was met with an a. concern and caring and willingness to help. they, the jesuits, support my desire to send this letter as an expression of my care and concern for my classmates who
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might have had similar experiences. grabel did not return our kabls nor did his 71-year-old accused abuser, chris farrington. >> we did reach out to the victim and the accused jesuit brother. neither returned our calls. the jesuit society is now asking if there are other victims if they come forward. >> hoping to put a name to a space, a santa clara county coroner's office released two sketches of a homeless woman stabbed to death with a samurai sword. that bizarre attack happened last month in san jose. >> this is a sketch based on information from people who saw the woman on. investigators believe she was about 60 years old and that she went by the name of gail. hundreds of people were moved by her killing. many of them attending a candlelight vigil in her honor where that stabbing happened on san carlos street. the suspect in the case is said it appear in court later this week. allegations of violence and mismanagement at a san francisco middle school boiled over today. parents and teachers at martin
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luther king academy blasted the school's administration for what it says is a hostile environment. teachers and school staff have complained they have fallen target to student violence. they also claim the school's administration has retaliated against dozens of staff members who complained. adding to the allegations parent claim the school's principal sat on an unruly student. >> in bay view, the kids have enough to go through, you know, just living in the bay view alone, to go to a school -- school is supposed to be a safe haven, and if you ain't going to be safe at school, where are the children going to be safe at? >> the school district says the school is looking to improve student learning from the previous year and trying to increase teacher accountability. plans to build a new san mateo county jail. >> no more jails. >> dozens of protesters chanted away signs at the board of supervisors meeting today. the new facility is expected to cost $160 million.
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protesters want the board to strike the funds slated for the new jail from the 2012 budget. >> if we're going to address overcrowding and provide the kind of services that we need to stabilize their lives or reintegrate the community we should be doing that outside of jails. what we need to be doing is investing in independent community-based services. >> i want people to know we're not doing this brick and mortar. for us it's the programming, to help people because they are there and they are going to be there whether we build the new facility or not so let's make it more positive than it has been in the past. >> the sheriff's department maintains the current jail is already overcrowd, a problem that they say is expected to get worse as more state prisoners are transferred to the county jail in accordance with the governor's realignment plan. the supervisors are expected to vote on the final budget in two weeks. a traffic ticket normally doesn't make headlines unless you're the mayor of the bay area's biggest city. an officers pulled over san jose mayor chuck reid well, for failing to signal before turning
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at an intersection in san jose. it happened this morning the mayor was headed to work at city hall just a few miles away from where he lives. we caught up with mayor reid before today's city council meeting and says he's a cautious driver and this is his first traffic ticket in decade no. word if he'll pay it or attend traffic school. still ahead at 6:00, playing the lotto with no chance of winning. how criminals are gaming the scratcher system and how they are caught in the act. >> basically the doctors said i've got eight to 12 months left. >> he's looking for someone to save his life. while a bay area man fights to stay alive, he says he's not giving up on the one thing he likes to do, helping children learn. >> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area. cleared out with a lot of sunshine from in the bay to the south bay. 66 in san mateo and as you look ahead to your wednesday forecast temperatures are expected to return to the 80s, but we'll
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talk about 90s in the seven-day forecast. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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a dramatic fair outside of a south san francisco -- a south san jose apartment captured on cell phone video here on cell phone camera. some people were forced to jump out of the windows to escape the flames. one man is recovering from second-degree burns. a total of 13 people lost their homes at the monterey villa apartments. no word on what started this fire. >> a chaotic and deadly day on a south bay freeway. a woman killed while trying to avoid a traffic jam. it started when a truck ore turned spilling a huge amount of dirt on the freeway. a big rig driver pulled over to help the driver of the dump truck. moments later a woman from sunny vale swerved to avoid the accident. thee lost control of the car and
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crashed into the big rig that pulled over. she died on that freeway. multiple lanes of southbound 280 were shut down until 2:30 this afternoon as investigators examined that scene. a final act of giving. tonight we're learning how fallen chp officer kenny youngstrom continues to save lives. he was an organ and tissue donor, and through his death he's helped four people in need. a 29-year-old mother from the bay area received a kidney and pancreas. a 63-year-old woman received the officer's liver, and a 52-year-old bay area woman received his other kidney. officer youngstrom's heart is now beating in another father of four, a 50-year-old who tonight has a new chance at life. >> that just got to me. it really touched me that kenny has four children, and he's giving life to someone else that has four children, so he will continue on. it just shows that the gifts he's given to date to these people, he continues saving lives. he sacrifices one life and gave
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life to many more. >> we're also getting new images of the fallen officer in action. his co-workers say his passion was providing security detail to dignitaries. he provided -- he protected the dalai lama and the president. in fact, he was part. chp team during president obama's recent bay area visit. >> san francisco's ethics commission is wraupg its work on the case of suspended chair ross mirkarimi before heading it and handing it over to the board of supervisors. commissioners pored over the written sum riff its misconduct hearings. the documents will go to the board of supervisors who will then have 30 days to hold hearings on whether mirkarimi should be reinstated. the commission recently ruled mirkarimi conducted misconduct when he grabbed his wife's arm back in december. mirkarimi wants the board to delate hearing until after the november election to avoid any political pressure. >> what we've seen evidence of is the kind of tactics and pressure lobbying the supervisors to make a decision
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to not reinstate me. >> now the ethics commission has yet to decide whether to grant that delay. five supervisors though are facing re-election in november. lunchons, internet at home and membership fees, what do these things have in common? well, you're paying for them, for elected officials. it's all for the brecht oravetz santa clara valley water unit. our investigative unit found directors charging taxpayers for some questionable things. investigative reporter jenna suffolko uncovers the details. >> reporter: when celebrities make public appearances they get paid, and so do these folks. $286 each time, plus mileage, for ground breaking ceremonies, barb cues. >> thank you so much. >> and meetings with each other. >> i attend a lot of meetings, that's correct. >> this one, this one and this one. >> reporter: no one is denying the directors of the santa clara
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valley water district stay busy. >> it's very exciting. >> reporter: they are public officials who aren't salaried but they can charge up to ten district-related events a month. these are two directors brought home the maximum amount three years in a row. water issues were discussed at all of those? >> water issues were not discussed. >> reporter: take a look at the types of meetings they are asking you to pay for. you want to this new year lunch celebration and you didn't talk about water issues, do you feel like you should be charging taxpayers for that? >> ah -- >> reporter: we'll let him answer that question in a minute, but first -- >> they get good representation. >> reporter: meet director richard santos, the district spentmore than $50,000 last year on his meeting fees, benefits and travel. do you feel that you should have charged $300 to meet with them? >> it wasn't $300. >> reporter: $298.27. he's talking about a meeting with san jose city councilman pete constant.
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he stayed 30 minutes. it cost taxpayers nearly 300 bucks. the thing is santos district doesn't include san jose. he's not part of your district though. >> no. >> reporter: acourting to constant's calendar, santos requested the meeting to discuss san jose's retirement issues. you see both are on the police and retirement board. do you know what reasons you would meet with him? >> the retirement issue and also on, you know, district business, what can i do for him, education. >> reporter: so you did discuss water district issues at that meeting? >> i was offered what can i do for you, education, what can i do? no meeting i go to where i don't discuss what the water district can do for you. >> reporter: director cluck collected 57,000 last year and charged taxpayers to attend the chamber of commerce awards, the san jose engineering banquet awards and the lunar new year luncheon we asked about earlier when he said no matter issues
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were discussed. do you feel like you should be charging taxpayers for that? >> if people ask me questions about water, i definitely aware that people ask me questions about water. >> reporter: should you charge for it if it's just a matter someone may ask a question? >> it's a judgment call. >> you are not necessarily pay to show up. you're paid to do your job. >> reporter: judy nadler heads up the ethics department at santa clara university. >> the presumption that when you go out in the public someone will, a, recognize that you're a water board member and, b, have a pressing issue that they want to discuss at a social event, i think it's actually unlikely. >> reporter: and it's not just events they charge for. the director racked up more than $14 last year in membership fees for rotary club and professional societies. >> for the past 12 months i
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stopped charging it. >> reporter: taxpayers are still picking up the tap for director santos to have internet access at home. when he moved the public paid for it to be installed at his new house. so they should pay for the installation too? >> they have. >> what is necessary is for the board members to have the right tools that they can use to do their job. >> reporter: the water district ceo says it's important for directors to make a connection to the community by attending events because they are the ones who set policy. he also says everything the district does is transparent. >> i assume they are discussing district business and issues related to water. >> reporter: but if they didn't, would you never know? >> i would not know, no. there is an amount responsible for the board members to be honest on what they charge for. >> reporter: directors can also charge their $286 meeting fee to sit down with mr. goldie. those meetings cost $16,000 last year. >> i think the board members
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work pretty hard. >> reporter: and for that hard work santos says he deserves a raise. do you feel like $286 is a lot of money to attend a meeting? >> for the meetings that i go to, absolutely not, no. i think we're underpaid. >> reporter: last year $50,470 with benefits. you feel you're underpaid? >> i feel like i got what i deserved. >> reporter: for the investigative unit, i'm jenna susko, nbc bay area news. >> to put the numbers into perspective, nine other large water districts were called and we found members of those districts getting paid up to $237 a meeting, making up to $27,000 a career in meeting fees. none as much as santa clara valley water district. if you have a tip for our investigative unit we urge you to call us. you see the number on your screen. 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to >> time to check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> a little bit of an onshore
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wind starting to drop our testify tours. however, we did get sunshine here today. not quite 90 degrees in east bay. 88 in livermore and 87 in santa theresa. now, the slight onshore wind is starting to win out. you can see 60s here in san mateo over to oakland and some of the green there, that's a sipe of the 60s, starting to sliver right back into the east bay. numbers dropping pretty quickly over the next couple of hours for those of you in the east bay. sky camera network this afternoon, all blue sky in san jose. however, that haze is starting to build and also some high pollen levels in the south bay. that's just going to increase over the next two days with our heat also starting to rise, and in san francisco you can see that fog building right now. the strongest we've had over the past two days so do expect the patchy fog, and you can see the flag blowing out of west and again that flag at half staff. like many others here in the bay area as we continue to commemorate 9/11. all right. let's bring you back into the weather boards, and can you see high pressure sitting offshore.
6:21 pm
a lot of compressional heating will edge up here to the north as we head through the next 48 hours and gradually increasing our temperatures, but as we saw on the sky camera network, it won't get rid of the fog for the morning hours. we'll find low clouds up into the north bay and also for the entire coastline but not too much expected east for the south bay. great news. it looks like an early burnoff of this. by 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning expecting some widespread sunshine, even to our local coast. daytime highs expected in the upper 60s at the coast. numbers in the low 80s and valleys mid-80s close to 90 degrees. temperatures will continue to warm up thursday to friday with low to mid-90s and we'll even have beach weather. how about this, raj and jess. mid-70s on thursday at our coast. you don't see that too often. it's going to be comfortable. >> thank you very much. now hiring. still ahead, the bay area that's looking for a few thousand
6:22 pm
workers. >> and putting new power into the library card. another california city might be giving undocumented immigrants access to city services. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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a ups workers's claim he was harassed and assaulted at work has prompted the federal government to sue the global shipping company. the employee who immigrated from jordan claims that while working at the ups hub in san bruno he was insulted with nicknames such as dr. bomb and co-workers threw bottles and tools at him. the lawsuit filed by the equal employment opportunity commission, eeoc, says when the man complained to his bosses he was involuntarily transferred. the suit seeks monetary awar penalties for the victim. the library card would allow
6:25 pm
undocumented workers to open a bank accounted a other city services they can transfer cash with the card. anybody able to prove l.a. residency can receive the card. >> the proposed i.d. would not replace a driver's license or protect undocumented workers from deportation. opponents though say the card will cost taxpayers money. supporters say they don't believe that's true. >> still ahead here at 6:00, a scratch-off scheme. our investigative unit uncovering a lottery risk that you might want to know about. >> and i'm janelle wang. defense secretary leon panetta speaks about the controversial new book detailing the killing of osama bin laden and a hollywood movie star travels to the middle east for a specific mission in your international headlines.
6:26 pm
>> and then the nation takes a moment to remember. the tributes and emotion from new york to the bay area coming up.
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lorraine bain, wanda green. >> remembering the september 11th attack 11 years later. a somber ceremony union city brought out dozens of people including relatives who died on flight 93. they read the names of passengers and crew and remembered the monument at the flight 93 memorial park. the san francisco-bound jet crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania. carol o'hare says her mother was on that flat and was moving to the bay area that day from new jersey. >> i woke up to have a very happy day when my mother was moving to california from new jersey and only to see the twin
6:29 pm
towers being hit on tv as i was getting ready to go to the airport to pick her up, and the day just devolved from there, not knowing where she was. >> the founder of the memorial wasn't expecting sku ining such turnout considering he was you a way at the national monument. each year he holds a ceremony for those who died on flight 39 and also memorial day. members of congress divided as they are stood shoulder to shoulder honoring those who died 11 years ago. ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ >> they marked the anniversary with a moment of silence, and how speaker john boehner teared up recalling those living and dead who stepped up to help following the attacks. president obama had a full schedule today visiting arlington national cemetery, the pentagon and wounded service members at walter reid army hospital. mitt romney spoke at the national guard convention in nevada calling for a withdrawal
6:30 pm
from afghanistan by the end of 2014. >> of course, the return of our troops cannot and must not be used as an excuse to hollow out our military through devastating defense budget cuts. [ applause ] >> no single event can ever destroy who we are. no act of terrorism can ever change what we stand for. >> and in shanksville, pennsylvania, hundreds gather it had honor the passengers and crew of united flight 93. they timed the ceremony to begin at the moment the passengers on that plane launched their attack on the terrorists who were locked up in the plane's cockpit. >> well, tomorrow it will be back on the campaign trail for both men. president obama has emerged from the conventions with a five-point bump over his republican challenger mitt romney, but will that be enough or is his opponent just getting started? let's bring in nbc bay area
6:31 pm
political analyst. >> statistics don't really matter and what does matter is the spreads in each of the 50 states because what we talk about, each state awarding its electoral votes to the candidate who wins the most votes no. proportional allocation maybe except, of course, for nebraska and maine where electoral votes are distributed by congressional districts, but even among the 50 states, here's the deal. only about eight are in play. and those eight could go either way. nevada, colorado, new mexico, iowa, ohio, virginia, north carolina and florida. watch those states, and you're finding out about the election. >> okay. so what's the key going forward for both men? ? >> okay. three factors are going to really tell the story. first, the kinds of messages each candidate gives, okay? such as obama saying he needs to finish this job, period. romney saying that obama should be replaced for not doing the job. whose messages will resonate
6:32 pm
more with the voteers? second, the impact of minor parties. libertarians, some people haven't even heard of this guy, libertarian gary johnson, he's running in all 50 states. some minor party candidates are running only in a few states. there's a character named virgil good on the constitution party in virginia, and you know what? romney could be hurt. he could be hurt there and could be hurt other places where there are conservative candidates. you know what, here's where we get back to the enthusiasm factor. the enthusiasm breeds volunteering. volunteering breeds turnout. boom, boom, boom. something that the obama campaign executed mastfully in 2008. this component was missing from the obama campaign until about a month ago, but you know what? seems to be firing on all cylinders now. >> okay. so we have enthusiasm as a huge factor, what about money as a factor in this. >> got to include money, we know that, and this is going to be a record year. it's likely going tonight very
6:33 pm
first race in modern times where the challenger outspends the incumbent. currently romney has a 4-3 advantage over obama in remaining funds. that's huge, a major plus for him. but don't forget that enthusiasm factor. if the democrats generate high turnout from their enthusiastic base, they may well be able to counter the financial deficit. i'm telling you, the party is just getting started. >> all right. thank you very much, larry gersten. we'll stay with you at the party as well. thank you. we want to turn our attention to breaking news overseas. a u.s. official has been killed in libya. >> janelle wang is here with our international headlines. >> raj and jessica, this information just coming in. a u.s. official has been killed and several people hurt after armed militiamen stormed the u.s. consulate in the city of benghazi. the building is also reportedly on fire. they are angry over a film that insulted their prophet muhammad. of course, when we get more information we will bring it to you. in other international news tonight, growing tension between israel and the u.s. over iran's
6:34 pm
controversial nuclear program. >> the world tells israel, wait. there's still time, and i say wait for what? >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said iran's nuclear program is an imminent threat and accuses the u.s. of dragging its feet. he says sanctions have not worked and wants the u.s. to outline details of a u.s.-led military strike against iran's nuclear facilities. secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. will not set deadlines. netanyahu suggested that israel is ready to strike on its own, and iran insists it is not developing a nuclear bomb an act of revenge. today an assassination attempt against yemen's defense minister. the bombing in the capital city of sanaa comes one day after yemen and the u.s. confirmed it had killed one of al qaeda's top commanders. the bomb struck the defense minister's convoy as he was
6:35 pm
leaving a cabinet meeting. he was not hurt, but at least a dozen others were killed. so far no one has taken responsibility for this attack, but officials believe it was al qaeda. actress angelina jolie was in the region today in nearby jordan. the special humanitarian envoy for the united nations visited a refugee camp where thousands of syrians have fled to to escape the deadly uprising. it's estimated that 230,000 refugees have left syria for neighboring countries. >> i've been speaking the last two days with the people from syria, and what they describe on the ground, hearing it from them, is so horrific. >> meantime, the fighting continues between government forces and rebels. it's estimated that 20,000 people have been killed since the uprising began 18 months ago. defense secretary leon panetta speaking for the first time about the newly released book detailing the night osama bin laden was killed. "no easy day" was written by a
6:36 pm
navy s.e.a.l. who was part that have operation. in an interview with cbs panetta says the book contains sensitive information and could compromise u.s. security. panetta said the author, writing under the name mark owen, should have asked for military approval first and should face consequences but he did not elaborate. police in wisconsin released dramatic new video of the shooting massacre at a sikh temple last month. it shows police pulling up to the scene and gunfire being exchanged with the suspect. investigators say wade page killed seven worshippers before killing himself. those are just some of your international headlines. >> thank you, janelle. >> thanks, janelle. closer to home, hundreds of people lined up in livermore today looking for a job. a new outlet mall opening this november is hiring now. the paragon outlet mall with 120 stores is expected to hire about 3,500 people. today's job fair is bringing hope for locals who say it's
6:37 pm
been a constant struggle to find employment. >> i've been looking. it's been pretty difficult. i just had an interview last week with a large corporation in town and 150 people had applied. >> and it would be nice to have something that is steady, especially the benefits is what i need. i have a couple of kids and would like to have benefits and, you know, know that i don't have to scrape from one thing to another. >> today's just the beginning. there will be a second job fair at the livermore community center on october 23rd. an educator on the peninsula who has made a difference in the lives of thousands of students needs someone to make a difference in his life and save it. charisma honey is looking for a living donor, liver donor. for nearly a decade the director of the san carlos charter learning center has been fighting a serious liver condition. in march his health took a turn for the worse, and now his prognosis is grim. his doctors say he has 8 to 12 months to live if he didn't get a transplant. >> if there's anyone who is
6:38 pm
willing to step up and be a living donor that could save my husband's life, allow my son to have a father to grow up with. >> i feel like there's so much more i can continue to give and contribute, and i'm hoping that somebody just gives me that chance. >> now if mahoney can find a living donor, someone willing to give part of their liver for a graft, he could get the operation while his body is still healthy enough to accept it. mahoney has type "a" blood. a potential match must have type "a" or type "o" blood. if you need more information, visit >> still ahead at 6:00, no's fisk. new evidence that a popular supplement taken by millions of americans could be a waste time and money. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. the up-and-down temperatures spiking the allergy forecast.
6:39 pm
moderate to high expected the next 48 hours and here's a sneak peek at that wednesday forecast with temperatures heating up. and i'll have more coming up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver.
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isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ blocked call, a plan to put radiation warnings on cell phones in san francisco is a no go. the law would have required cell phone dealers to give specific details on how much radiation is put out by each device and then warn customers of a potential health risk. it would have been the first law of its kind in the country, but yesterday a federal appeals court blocked it from taking effect. the court said consumers might interpret the law of the dangers on cell phones. the ruling was made after the cell phone industry sued the
6:42 pm
city over that ordinance. an estimated 25% of adults in the united states take fish oil pills for heart health, but a new study suggests they are wasting their money. the "journal of the american medical association" reports doctors analyzed 18 clinical trials and found no overall heart benefit to taking omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil supplements. in the last decade the popularity of the supplements increased based on findings that certain cultures, which eat a lot of fish, have less heart disease, but doctors now said trade in those supplements for better eating habits like eating healthy and exercising. we've had great weather for exercising. no excuse not to get out there, especially if your daily plan takes you outside. >> lots of sunshine. we'll talk more about the seven-day forecast and when temperatures could jump about ten degrees in just a few. >> and i'm dave feldman in our comcast sportsnet studios. the green bay game is history.
6:43 pm
the 49ers now move forward. we'll see what the defense says about speaking out, and one of the raiders receivers has surgery and we'll tell you the when, the who and the fallout in sports coming up next.
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well, it's new, it's simple and a way to cheat the people
6:45 pm
who play scratchers game in the lotto here. more now on how it works with surveillance video catching the crooks in action. >> reporter: it's called pinning and it's a new trick used on these scratch-off tickets. the cheaters are counting on you to miss subtle changes to the surface of your game card. scratchers are the california lottery's cash cow. last year players spent $2.7 billion on these games. >> send my kids to college. >> just a thrill. anticipation. >> there's always a chance. >> reporter: the chances of winning big money are tough enough without cheaters like this store clerk in san jose caught on his own surveillance cameras. lottery investigators say when he wasn't working the counter he was working over his customers, selling scratchers he knew were duds. >> how did he know? because he'd already checked
6:46 pm
them. >> watch as he leans over this stack of tickets. investigators say he's removing a tiny bit of the top layer of the ticket. he's looking for each scratchers unique three-digit code. that code, plus the ticket's barcode tells him if it's a winner. police say he sells the losers to unsuspecting customers. the crime is called pinning because the cheater uses something small and sharp like a pin. he scrapes a thin line on ticket where he knows he can see the three-digit code. that tells him what the ticket is worth. even frequent players can be fooled because unless you looked closely you'd never notice the small line of missing latex. the acting chief of the lottery police, yes, the lottery has its own police. >> and i look at this as stealing from children. >> reporter: that's because the lottery paid $1 billion to california schools last year.
6:47 pm
police say they investigate to keep the games fair and honest so you keep playing. >> we have looked at every single scam that comes our way. >> tonight at 11:00 we'll show you how that clerk sold the losing tickets to unsuspecting customers. plus we'll have more from lottery investigators as they go undercover to catch other cheaters who tried to game the system. reporting live from the newsroom, vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> someone always working an angle. >> you need the magnifying glass. >> let's turn things over to jeff. >> temperatures warmed up a few degrees but not quite 90 degrees in the east bay, though some of your car thermometers read that and i'm sure it felt like the 90s. 88. my weather watcher steve calling in 87. 85 in san jose and 77 in redwood city and we didn't budge into
6:48 pm
the 70s in san francisco. we held stead we 66. all right. current numbers dropping with a slight onshore wind moving into the coastline. live hd sky camera network. been lucky the past couple of nights, this time of the night, clear skies, but the onshore flow winning out at least, that is bringing back some fog so it's going to be a little bit more extensive tonight than the past few nights. it's a sign of the atmosphere generally getting stirred up. what's happening is high pressure is building in from the south. we're not looking at any kind of triple digits, at least the next three to five days, but overall the heat is going to continue to build throughout wednesday and thursday. we do think tomorrow will be one of those transitional days. numbers will go up a little bit but not a whole lot. 50s and 60s at the coastline. you'll say that's not a whole lot for us, but we do have beach weather mixed. in a few areas of fog at immediate coast. 70s by the bay to widespread 80s to the interior valley. it looks like by thursday that's
6:49 pm
the mark day when temperatures should have a decent increase that will even get in on some beach weather. the fog futurecast hour by hour, let's get this straight. 6:00 a.m., widespread low cloud cover up into the north bay and not a whole lot expected for those commuters back in the east and by 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning, all that fog pushes back so we'll even have sunshine at immediate coastline. as for the morning hours, we'll have some 40s up into the north bay with 45 in santa rosa ant 50 in san rafael. 56 in concord and 54 in liver more and 51 in san jose, and daytime highs for wednesday, we'll go a little bit warmer. 86 in san jose and 58 in sunnyvale and 80 in palo alto and close to 90 degrees in los gatos. 70 degrees in santa cruz and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. for the tri-valley we will find a wide mix of numbers. 81 in the castro vale. right over the east babe hill,
6:50 pm
87 here in danville, 88 in pleasanton and 89 in liver more and close to 92 in fairfield. temperatures should hit 70 degrees in downup to, 57 in oakland and vallejo with 84 degrees. 84 in santa rosa and 60s at the immediate coastline. maybe you ask when the beach weather coming? thursday we'll get beach weather with mid-70s. so maybe you have the day off, remember the spf headed off to the coastline. the giants here on nbc at 6:40 p.m. also temperatures in the 70s. back here at home, if you're doing any kind of party outside. then for saturday and sunday, we will have a mix of some sun and some clouds. saturday looks like the better day on your weekend if you're already make plans and by sunday, monday and tuesday we get some cooling in here. actually by next tuesday substantial cooling. we should see temperatures drop an estimated ten degrees from some of this hottest weather so far this week.
6:51 pm
so maybe a sign of that fall weather trying to slide on in. >> big drop. >> thanks, jeff. >> you're welcome. >> let's get to sports. >> let's bring in dave felled from in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. very good news for the oakland a's. >> you're right. brendan mccarthy is what we're talking about, the a's pitcher discharged from california pacific medical campus in san francisco on tuesday. mccarthy underwent head surgery last wednesday after being struck with a line drive. he'll remain in the bay area for at least next three weeks. mccarthy released a statement this afternoon which read in part from the bottom of our hearts, amanda and i want to thank everyone who was involved in responding to and treating my injury. now we look forward to continuing the healing process and returning to baseball and our normal lives in the weeks and months ahead. go a's. that is indeed great news. meanwhile, raiders wideout jacoby ford who sprained his left foot in the preseason is
6:52 pm
undergoing surgery today in north carolina. ford is expected to miss an undetermined amount of time. it's the same injury that forced him to miss six games last season. >> after visiting with the foot specialist there in carolina, everybody thought that given a little bit of time he could come back from it after giving it some time and re-evaluating, everybody, the medical people felt like surgery was probably the best thing for him. >> two days ago the 49ers defense held aaron rodgers and the packers to just 22 points, 13 below their average from a year ago. san francisco also held green bay to just 45 rushing yards. this week the lions come to candlestick, so will the impressive defensive performance carry over to week two? >> we suspect it to carry over each and every week especially when you have receivers like calvin johnson and the receiving group of last week.
6:53 pm
you want to carry these things over each and every week in the national football league. you face one of these good quarterbacks, aaron rodgers, the defending mvp, come off a game and play him and now we go and play matthew stafford. each and every week it doesn't get easier. >> it's an explosive offense, the man threw for over 5,000 yards, somewhere high. he's got the weapons. the weapons, that's as strong as last week, no, but he'll still get the ball to them guys, and like i said calvin johnson is the main target this week. >> all right. to the diamond. the giants entered the day with a five-game lead in the n.l. west after suffering a tough loss last night in colorado. today looking for payback they handed the ball to madison bumgarner. rockies and giants and both teams remembering 9/11 at the start of this game. top two, runner on for gregor blanc blanco. deep drive to left.
6:54 pm
carlos gonzalez, nice catch going up against the wall. inning over. bottom two, runner on for chris nelson who goes right up the middle. jordan pacheco scores. 1-0 colorado. now 4-1 colorado in the fourth inning. how about some hockey and golf and mix it together. the san jose sharks held their annual sharks foundation golf classic in the south bay. the foundation raises tens of thousands of dollars to help local charities. so it's a good time out, some golf and helping a good cause. >> this is a great event. we do it yearly, and to come out and have a great golf course like this to put it on. the cause, the foundation earns a lot of money and we distribute it to needy people, an that's the best thing about today. >> that's a look at sports. i'm dave feldman. raj and jessica, see you at 11:00. highlights from the a's and angels. >> sounds good. >> for a full half hour of
6:55 pm
sports coverage watch "sportsnet central" on comcast sportsnet bay area tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. more now with a look at what's coming up at 7:00. >> a full hour of news coming up on comcast 186. obviously we'll talk about some of the september 11th remembrances around the country and we'll hear from mark zuckerberg today. everyone wanted to hear what he had to say, first time talking about the facebook ipo. >> without his hoodie. >> we'll see you at 7:00 and hopefully at 11:00 as well. >> bye-bye. medications?
6:58 pm
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